Chess MVD

Digital fabrication of Chess model

ChessMVD consisted in the development of a chess model, whose pieces are inspired by the Montevideo skyline, using digital fabrication. The project had the support of teachers from the Institute of History in the choice of examples and technical sheets.

The first model was made in 3D printing, however, in later stages it was experimented with other digital fabrication technologies and materials, such as acrylic and MDF.

The Salvo Palace, the Antel Communications Tower, the Radisson Victoria Plaza hotel, the National Customs Administration are some of the emblematic buildings that were chosen to make up the pieces of the board. 

The model was used as an institutional gift, during the Architecture Trip (2018), being delivered to all the studios visited in different parts of the world.

Exhibitions held

The project had two exhibition instances which took place in the Hall of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of the Republic. The different boards were exposed and all those who came to the sample were invited to play. In these instances, the UdelaR Chess Club participated and collaborated.