Fab Lab Montevideo was created in March 2012 in the School of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism of the University of the Republic, named as Digital Fabrication Laboratory Montevideo (labFab MVD), thanks to the resources of the School and the management of the Department of Information Technologies (DeTIC). At first, for instance, which could be defined as a “foundational” period, it was maintained thanks to the funds resulting from the integration of the Alfa-Gaviota project by the aforementioned DeTIC.

In the laboratory, different activities are carried out within the framework of university functions: research, extension and teaching, providing academic support to students who so request, in order to participate jointly in the formative processes of the academic courses in the School.

The Digital Integration Center (CID), through the LabFab-MVD, integrates a suitable human team for the training of the personnel in charge of the administration and operation of the equipment.

FabLab Montevideo provides support to the students in two different modalities, prioritizing the modality of “project monitoring” as a way of tutoring with digital fabrication with FabLab teachers, for students who wish to investigate the possibilities of digital fabrication applied to their project or prototype. On the other hand, students without project follow-up have the possibility of accessing the technology of the laboratory prior to reservation via email agenda.