Digital Fabrication - FabLab MVD

In order to make use of the laboratory in any of its modalities, it is essential to read all the protocols, as well as to present a copy of the signed “Authorization Form for the use of images”, when attending the previously scheduled day. Use the following button to download the form.

To schedule a day and time, it is essential to go to the laboratory (FabLab- MVD) with the file to work on, preferably between 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., or via email to with an explanation of the project and the technology to be used, otherwise no job can be scheduled.

The laboratory has three digital manufacturing technologies: 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC cutting. It is important to know each technology to enhance its advantages and avoid errors when developing an especific project.

3D printing

Within the additive technology of digital manufacturing is 3D printing. It allows making models of varied morphology, dimensions and mechanisms. In the laboratory we have Ultimaker printers that use Cura software to set up files before each print.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is among the subtractive technologies of digital fabrication. Through the wear and tear of material through a beam of light, the pieces are formed. Depending on the configuration of the machine (speed and power) and the type of material to be used, the result obtained: engravings, cuts, finishes, etc. Materials that can be cut: MDF, acrilic, cardboard and EVA foam.

Router CNC cutting

Finally, CNC cutting, like laser cutting, is a subtractive digital manufacturing technology, only that it uses a milling cutter to wear material in order to cut or engrave a certain material.